Law is for the rich

Affluenza is “a psychological malaise supposedly affecting young people, symptoms of which include a lack of motivation, feelings of guilt, and a sense of isolation”. It has been successfully argued to include lack of a basic understanding of distinguishing right from wrong and hence a person afflicted by this malaise might think driving on people instead of on tarmac is OK. Affluenza is now a viable legal defence (more). This supposedly psychological sickness, by definition, can attack only rich folks. How convenient?

Tao of….but not physics

User interface of Microsoft Windows crash reporting

Ever seen this? Read about it here. In fact, all three parts (you’ll find them linked) are worth reading. Jacob Applebaum, a contributor to Tor technology is one of the authors.

Though some details are fascinating (Great Britain hacks Google users whereas US deals Facebook and Yahoo ones), I find it totally unsurprising. Why should anyone be?

Big Data, Michael Schumacher, Life & Death and finally Peace

Big Data is supposed to know everything – emotion, intent etc even in real-time. Looking at a web-page, associated content and their contexts such a technology claims it can glean keener insights about the said web-page (or any other digital content/event/action) and therefore present evermore meaningful choices and possibilities for users.

Advertise Always

Advertise Always

One wonders whether such a technology will allow someone to view an update about somebody’s critical health condition without having to sit through a 20 second advert. One then wonders whether such features will be the first to be implemented as against features like “Is Mr.Consumer going to buy 2 or 4 pairs of socks for himself next week?”. In other words, one wonders whether technology directions are going to be prioritized for people or pockets.

One suddenly realizes the above mentioned idiocy (the advert) can be easily avoided with existing technologies. One then calms down, stops wondering, regains peace and goes back to pray for Michael’s well being.