What’s dupery?

When something is a common practice, but is deemed illegal by laws/ethics – how should that be approached?

 Should the practice be curbed? OR Should the law be amended (ofcourse, with due care so that this doesn’t become a bad precedent for future fraudulent behaviors!!) ?

What’s dupery?

One thought on “What’s dupery?

  1. laws & ethics are almost parallel..
    the answers would be different!

    If something is illegal, then it is.., if we take racism that would serve as a reasonable example for your point, then there’s no question of modifying the law..

    the premise that a common practise automatically validates itself would be incorrect..

    so i don’t think either ( law or the ethics ) should be modified in any eventualities.

    A law should get modified only when it is incomplete or woefully shortsighted or plain incorrect.., it’s unlikely that common practises would thrown open any of the above

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