It has become a bully and a wood after all!

Came across an article in today’s The Hindu. It was triggered by the farcical treatment meted out to south indian movie technicians in the recently (and horribly) held IFFI Film Festival.

There were carefully chosen examples given…which conveys some sort of intolerance creeping in as years pass…From Dev Anand to Mahesh Bhat…While Dev is of the opinion “why not use a south indian in a movie….he is an indian!”, Mahesh is more hypocritical (well, Mahesh is self proclaimed guru of “being modern”) and less tolerant. There is another example of how a VJ (from ‘V’ TV, I think) conducted an interview….My belief that most of the VJs just know “names” and English is vindicated (pun intended!).

Anyways, now going to the “wood” part, I agree with what Chiranjeevi (and my colleague) says about the quality of movies coming out of Bollywood (pretty please, with sugar on top, do not mis-read this as “north indian” films…I am talking about the movies coming out of Mumbai studios/production houses). I agree with that in the last 15-20 years…Recently I happened to see the movies of media proclaimed geniuses – Mr. Aditya Chopra, Mr. Frahan Akthar, Mr. Sanjay L Bhansali (thank goodness, I didn’t see Mr. Karan Johar’s product!!). Out of these Mr. SLB’s is not a “bad” movie – it was plastic – yeah…but it wasn’t bad! The other two (Dhoom-2 and Don version 2) are pathetic! There is no way such films can come out of the studios…But they do come out, get hailed by media (and the stars get hailed by IFFI like orgs!), break “box-office” records and god knows what! Its as if a piece of wood being hailed as magical wand (with no intention of demeaning the value of a piece of wood!!!).

Well, Let something give sense to these media and other stupid folks who laud anything and everything!

It has become a bully and a wood after all!

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