Another genius bows off

This came as a shocker yesterday night (as a rumour)…I wished it didn’t become true….in vain! After Michael, I didn’t want another one of my favs to go!! Why on earth Shane didn’t consider World Cup next year – may be because it is in Windies?! No one knows…He should have captained the Aussie team…Well, one of those thing which nobody will ever get to see.

Another genius bows off

One thought on “Another genius bows off

  1. I think it was a good timing personally..

    Shane’s seen every possible victory in and the Aussies are holding every one of them including the world cup…
    They have the ashes back and they even have the championship trophy that eluded them and so are the team to beat in every way and every thing..

    This would be the best time to quit on a personal and a team high..
    Like Shane himself said..he’s earned it..

    But I share your regret too…

    I have a great respect for sportsman who are characters too..and Shane is one helluva showman and a champion..: Like Agassi : a rare breed..

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