Moving on..

Today is the last day in my current job role..Taking up a different role in 2007.

As I look forward to new challenges and learnings, there are going to be some hang overs…largely on the professional front and few personal. By personal, I mean the way I saw my work, the way I went about doing it, the way I cherished the importance of what I did – each of these are going to change. Unfortunately, I happen to view the personal hangovers as “losses” while I accept the professional ones as “changes“. This makes the whole thing a bit scary. To me, these differences (professional versus personal) aren’t well marked. After all, this profession is what  I do with all earnestness. Why isn’t that personal to me? This distinction is moot.

When I talk to others about this, they term this career move as ‘growth’ – and in this industry where promotions/new opportunities are in abundance, I tend to feel that ‘growth’ is far too easy -there’s very little to be happy about it or in other angle, ‘growth’ is used very loosely.

Hoping to do justice to my new role. A never ending turbulence isn’t something that nature likes…even my personal thoughts natural, aren’t they? I’ll leave the personal thoughts to take their own course and settle down as they usually do.

Moving on..

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