Far ahead of its times

Came across a blog article discussing the possibility of some thoughts being far ahead of their time. I have read a book by Arthur Koestler which deals with the extremely slow/no progress in scientific understanding of astronomy from the ancient greeks to the modern astronomers like Tycho Brahe and Johann Kepler (Note: This isn’t the subject of the book, but while dealing the subject this aspect is brought out – and it is annoyingly curious!).

That book talks about how advanced Aristarchus’ idea of solar system (helio-centric) was. It didn’t go any where for 2000 years (yeah!! 2000 god damn years!). Copernicus did something similar (though his method is extremely flawed) 2000 years later and Johan Kepler nailed it finally (probably 70 years after the death of Copernicus).

Koestler attributes this to a influence of Plato’s thinking in Western Europe. The book is remarkably insightful and interesting (apart from the subject, the way Arthur Koestler thinks/writes is very refreshing). If interested, you can buy from here or here (if you are in India).

Far ahead of its times

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