Shane and Glen

I made it a point to watch the last bowling action from two genius bowlers (Shane and Glen). It was emotional in a way to watch the bowl. Shane was out of color – apart from few deliveries, that’s ok. Glen, on the other hand, was at his usual best!! The last wicket was a testimony on how astute he is and the ability to draw batsmen into doing what he wants them to do!

A tail-ender playing the ball earlier than he should have and giving a catching practice to one of the fields man, doesn’t sound very romantic (in cricketing sense!). But the moment the speed trap shows that Glen bowled the ball 15 kmph slower than his previous (normal speed) ball, I started to understand how that tail-ender did what he did! Ofcourse, a batting specialist (or even an experienced tail ender) would have negotiated it adeptly. But, the tail-ender who got out, wasn’t a batting specialist or an experienced bloke! The point is Glen knows this and he hunts him accordingly. That too with his last ball in test cricket – what an ending !(we have to see this “last ball” melodrama in the right perspective – it isn’t as if, Glen knew it was going to be the last ball and he did what he did…Rather, it just happened to be the last ball because Glen did what he did!!!)

Skills are one and using them is other…If the latter isn’t done efficiently, the results aren’t going to be there (our Indian cricket team stands testimony to this!!)

Shane and Glen

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