Marriage and Suitability

As I get closer (and hence hear more about where I stand), I start to feel that I am not cut out for marriage! I hear that my way of life isn’t practically viable. I hear that I’m not acceptable in terms of typical societal demands. I hear that I am altruistic and being so isn’t improving my credentials as a husband (I laughed about the altruistic part, but that’s beyond the point).  I hear that I am not in a position to convince people who have a say in the issue of my (is it “my” marriage anymore?!) marriage, because I am not interested to provide an interface that’d suit those people.


Am I realizing slowly but steadily that I am not cut out for marriage? Is that the destined way for me? This path doesn’t seem to sound bad anymore, to be honest!! Being single isn’t all that bad, and like any other decision paths that are possible it has its pros and cons, what’s new? Do I see myself better off not hearing all these and just be alone? I think I do…After all, I am myself and these questions and my answers (however much sugar coating I do) aren’t going to change that!

As I write this, my friend quipped “Love is vastly over-rated”. Though I tend to agree with him, I don’t know what prompted him to say that! We wondered “If only mankind did know how not to fall in love”!!

Marriage and Suitability

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