Some know only to win

Roy Keane is one! A fiery, foul-mouthed player..wouldn’t think twice to put his boot on someone’s face if that’s what is required! A ruthless general!

Moved into a managerial role for Sunderland who were close to the bottom when he moved! Everyone talked about them being relegated to the next lower division! Having a fiery person as a manager isn’t going to help either – throwing boots at players in training??!! Shouting ill against them from the touchline?!! Well, it was doomed to fail!

Keane - First year with Sunderland

It didn’t!! Keane was different! He wasn’t shouting at the players from touchline!! He wasn’t shouting at the media!! In fact, he rarely spoke from the touchline!! He is transformed!! His team started behaving like the player Keane!! Going for wins! Never giving up and supreme in confidence!! Too difficult to believe and yes, they finished in top and we are going to see Keane managing in the top flight football next year 🙂

Roy Keane, I salute thee!

It will be fun to see Sunderland playing Manchester United next season!! Roy Keane versus Sir Alex Ferguson!! Mouth watering! It will be fun to see if the self appointed “The one” (Jose) loses against Sunderland and throws some tantrums! How would Roy Keane respond? Well well!! Just few months away!

Some know only to win

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