While taking part in a big wedding ceremony, I made an observation:

As I observed the bride, the groom and their parents/kins, I realized that a normal West-centric Indian Education adds some level of sophistication in various dimensions to oneself (to begin with). What I mean is, the first-generation that is educated gains a distinct sophistication over the rest of their family. Surprisingly, it seems to add nothing else. Being a normally educated Indian, I tend to like the sophistication that I have gained – thanks to the education and the life style it entailed. This (me liking it) is obvious because of my natural proclivity in this case – being one among them (normally educated Indian).

From an observer’s stand point, I wonder whether this sophistication is of any worth. Or, whether this is an expected result in our education system. Or, whether this is a mandatory step in ‘educating’.

By ‘normal West-centric education’, I refer to the lakhs of engineers. The not-high-quality-but-decent-enough types that we produce to cater to the so called globalized world.


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