Sen and the Art of Proclaiming one’s Stupidity

Here is the evidence.

No more proof was needed. I was part of the herd. I had squelched my sensibilities, curbed my natural inclinations, disinclinations rather, and had caved in to peer pressure.”

Exactly, you should rather go and write about why you caved in to peer pressure and why you didn’t respect your sensibilities. But you wouldn’t do that, would you? If you do, Who will read?? Rather you can say wonderful gems like this:

I remember Rajnikanth from some very forgettable Hindi films of the 80s. Well the news is that he is still there. Stuck in the 80s that is.”


The dialogues which I couldn’t understand, the only Tamil I know is – Chaddi pota ko – and with no subtitles for help – I missed the nuances, and there seemed to be some. Of course one way of looking at it is see the whole film as a joke. “

Well well!! You wanted the number of hits to increase it looks like!! Peer pressure?? Others’ blogs in IBN-Live getting more hits?? Peer pressure?? Probably, you’d have come across better had you explained why the only tamil sentence you seem to know is “chaddi pota ko”.  Now I am starting to wonder why you know only that sentence!!

Update: You work with Rajdeep Sardesai…right?? That would explain the stupidity part!! You get “peer pressures” out of Rajdeep?! Come on girl!!

Sen and the Art of Proclaiming one’s Stupidity

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