What is going on?


This news comes as a shocker. It extremely interesting that you are adding one of the greatest talents to the squad, I am afraid about how the team will fare overall!

The team does not have a good header amongst the forwards/mid-fielders (save Ronaldo). The team does not have a good right back (I thought you could have bought Daniel – he was simply outstanding in Copa America, I am not sure how good he is defensively). Team does not have a traditional forward who generally will knock goals in with eyes closed from within the box.

Have you made up your mind that your team is going to play exhilarating passing game only? Will it always be 4-4-2? It can not be 4-5-1 – who can be the ‘1’ ?? What’s going to be your plan-b if attacking passing game does not seem to work? Your plan might work if you face Barca or Arsenal..what if you face Chelsea or Juventus or Milan? I wish you play the beautiful and open game all the time and still win it – but I feel that’s too much to ask.

Truly, ~A

What is going on?

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