Sen and the Art of Proclaiming one’s Stupidity (a better version)

This was Sen’s response to the comments she got out of this.

Wonderfully thought through response, which can be summarized thusly:

“The blog was not a FILM REVIEW it was a PERSONAL OPINION”

Thanks for clarifying. A review is a personal opinion too, isn’t it? As you say it is ‘informed’. Now we know that your personal opinion can never be informed.

My post was existential angst in response to current socio-cultural-political events, which is what a blog is meant to be.”

Darling, you don’t seem to know the difference between a “blog” and a “post” (evidence, refer the quoted text in bullet #1). Since when did you become the final authority of defining what blog is? On what basis are you stating that a blog is meant to be the reflection of one’s existential angst in response to current socio-cultural-political events?

Many of you have implied and assumed – thought you guys could read because you sure can write 🙂 – that I believe Hindi and Hollywood films are better. Let me disillusion you. I am happy to say that the majority of films from both those spaces are also CRAP. So stop falling back on idiotic, petty and frankly outdated `regional language’ fault lines. And that, my dears is a pun.”

You call majority of the films from both those spaces are crap. And you state that you are “happy” to call them that. Why are you happy? And what if you state so? Your idiocy is not absolved by saying so, it is being cemented. Please understand.

Grow up. Learn to separate an artist’s work from his/her private person. If I believe an actor’s latest work is CRAP it doesn’t stop me from choosing to believe that he/she is a great human being.

Do you think he acted so badly or the director made him to do scenes which in your opinion are bad? Please clarify.

Sivaji’s made money so it can’t be bad

That’s what many of you have said and that’s such earth shatteringly self serving logic that I can’t even react. I can only wish people who believe that everything that makes money is good, all the best.

You can’t react? Then don’t (any idiot knows that such statements shouldn’t be reacted to and any above average human will not do so..But you do…that makes you special).

Come on I needn’t have told you that I don’t speak or understand Tamil beyond Inge va, Teri yada and Teri Yum (ironically I learned the last two phrases watching Rajni’s Thalapathi which was much better that Sivaji), Chaddi Pota Ko and Po. But do you honestly believe that I needed to have an M.A. in Tamil to follow Sivaji” You are kidding right?

Yeah, you don’t need to know Tamil to follow that movie. But remember what you stated earlier. You don’t?? I’ll help you out – “The dialogues which I couldn’t understand, the only Tamil I know is – Chaddi pota ko – and with no subtitles for help – I missed the nuances, and there seemed to be some. Of course one way of looking at it is see the whole film as a joke”. You talked about dialogues and stated that you don’t understand any thing and then that you missed the nuances.  But you opined that there “seemed to be some” nuances (How, I wonder?). Then you go on to make a remarkable comical sentence. You direct your readers that the movie should be seen as a joke. What is it? Are you playing some random sentences game or that’s all you are capable of? Please tell.


If you guys feel so strongly about something you have loads of energy and passion. Want to see what you can achieve if you use it more constructively

Please madam. If you had used your time constructively, why would you bother to read comments (1000s of them) and bother to put a post as an answer? That too with a stupid proclamation that you did it when you were supposed to work! Seeing the crap your company produces, I wonder whether you are supposed to work at all.

Someone who said I maybe a pig but I have balls”

You have that too?? Sigh!

Sen and the Art of Proclaiming one’s Stupidity (a better version)

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