Dearest Rajnikant,

There is a significant difference in the way I saw you when I was in my teens to the way I see you now. In those days, I enjoyed the way you smoked, the way you kicked baddies’ butts etc. But I stopped enjoying those in the same way as before. And I started to like the subtle performances of yours. As such performances stopped (as you aren’t doing any such movies anymore), I started yearning for the actor in you. Yes, I haven’t watched Shivaji. I stopped watching your movies close to the release date after watching Muthu.

Supremely egotistic, yet loving brother in Mullum Malarum..

The unwilling guardian of a business empire in Nallavanukku Nallavan.(Radhika too gave a sterling performance in that movie)..

Two loners who are diametrically opposite in Johnny..

The acid mouthed, but yet sophisticated and scheming husband in Avargal..

The innocent and mischievous youth in Thillu Mullu..

The normal husband to a blind wife in the middle of corrupt neighbors in Kai Kodukkum Kai..

The village brat in Murattu Kaalai..

The confused son-in-law in Moondru Mudichu..

The Alex Pandian of Moondru Mugam..

The old man with unlimited libido in Netri Kann..

I started yearning for the actor who did all these roles…who had the versatility and sincerity to become these characters. Where are you? Why don’t you act? (Heck!! I am not a Kamal fan…He can’t give me what Rajni gave purely in terms of acting performances – call it a bold statement or whatever, this is my statement.)

When I hear you request (in a function honoring K. Balachander) KB to make stage dramas and attest that you would act in it, I see the actor in you. But when I hear your fans say “He can’t act in such movies anymore, they won’t be accepted” to me, I find it sad. If you can put your reputation down the line and act on a stage drama, why can’t you act on good movies? Which is true?? Are you solely interested in the business of your movies? Or, Have you decided that your fans will only like your movie if it is in a formula?

With the advent of creative young film makers in Tamil movie field, I feel worse!! How refreshing and fulfilling it would be to see them direct you in new plots? Sigh!

I beg you not to underestimate your fans. I am one too.

With Respects,


Dearest Rajnikant,

2 thoughts on “Dearest Rajnikant,

  1. 🙂 This is what I call trap to society image.
    Rajni’s biggest success were from this commercial formula’s and he knowingly or un-knowingly created this concrete image.

    Breaking such image need lots of faith both in yourself and in your fans (which kamal has).

    am also a 90’s fan of rajni, who is waiting for one such movie’s from Rajni.
    Lets have a good hope !

  2. Anand,

    to clarify : I believe you are asking for a mix of both quality and run of the mill stuff from Rajni. In which case, I totally agree.

    I would not be very keen on Rajni letting go off his image too..

    Karthi : I don’t think “falling prey” is the right word.., i think it’s a conscious decision that has paid very good dividends to many people economically and otherwise.

    I’d like to see him entwine both, I don’t think it’s impossible. Annamalai is one instance which comes to mind which has a good spread of both : What his “image fans” want and what fans line Anand and yourself want, I consider myself to be a lot of both.

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