Lost in the 13th, here is my bet for the 14th

Lost the bet. Kloden is 3rd in GC, with Rasmussen and Evans ahead of him! I don’t mind Rasmussen being ahead (w.r.t to my earlier prediction), nobody expected him to do as well as he did (next TT is on flat surface…so Rasmussen must attack and so should other riders, in the Pyrennees). But how on earth I missed Cadel Evans!!! I should have betted on him (I’d have lost anyway, but that’s beyond the point!). I simply forgot Cadel Evans is around!

Update: Kloden is 4th. Contador (his first appearance in tour!!) is also ahead!! But, I should have betted on Evans 😦 Anyways, I am going ahead with today’s prediction.

Today’s is a mountain top finish. Check out the route profile…amazing 🙂

Stage 14, Le Tour

There is going to be an attack on Rasmussen by someone (Valverde may be) and the attack is going to succeed. I doubt whether Evans would attack. May be Vino, leaving Kloden with the peleton or Levi, leaving Contador in the peleton. Some of the contenders should attack. May be Rasmussen tries to attack!! Depends solely on who still feels fresh after doing what they did in yesterday’s time trial

Well, I have given almost all permutations!! Ok…here is my bet..Some one from the leading climbers group is going to attack and succeed.

Another Update: I was right. Contador attacked and everybody but Rasmussen cracked.

Lost in the 13th, here is my bet for the 14th

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