Words from Jens Voight (whom I have watched in awe for the last 5 years now)…

“I am fed up with this. They make our life difficult and complicated. Through their obvious stupidity, they risk the existence of the teams, including soigneurs, mechanics, bus drivers and so on.”


“These people go home now and hide behind their attorneys. But I stand here on the front line. I have to answer all the questions and talk about doping. And I don’t have anything to do with it”

This doesn’t end here. Hear out Michael Boogerd (who worked his ass off for Rasmussen in Alps and Pyrennees and I started admiring him)…

“At Boxmeer you come to the start and the announce will say, ‘Look, here we have Michael Boogerd, who rode for Rasmussen for weeks.’ I find it terrible. To ride for four more days in the Tour for nobody? don’t know what I should think of all this. I want to go home immediately.”

The pain in these words is…..well, just horrible! No wonder, I felt this.

Update: Just came to know that Jens Voight is in a break away and leading the main group by 8+ minutes. An unbelievable bike rider!



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