Down south goes up

Yes, TOI says so

What an article! Some gems that are contained in it:

” YOU can’t dismiss it as Simply South anymore. Proof?

  1. Look no further than SRK wanting to work with Shankar
  2. Asin and Shriya being touted as the next big things in Bollywood
  3. Even Amitabh had to acknowledge the super stardom of Rajnikanth following the success of Sivaji over Jhoom Barabar Jhoom in Mumbai.”

SRK?? Shankar?? Acknowledgment of AB?? Great proofs!! ROFL 🙂 It doesn’t stop goes ahead and says…

“As for filmi music, AR Rahman is today the last word on the business. And of course, there’s the eternal Ilayaraja . They changed the entire musical scene in Bollywood”

The reference to Ilayaraja here is because of Cheeni Kum (read the article) and the fact that its songs were liked in the North. Factually, those songs are around 20 years old! Nobody used ’em. Just because someone used them now, doesn’t make it a new phenomenon! It just implies lack of awareness in the past!

This article, supposedly, is praising sudden “improvement” in film technicians from southern India!! Why to praise or ridicule based on the region? Why can’t the media just comment on the work done and leave it at that! Doesn’t sell, does it? Praise with some substance, at the minimum!

I agree that stupidity omnipresent!! But then, one should realize that and shut up. Like I do. Sigh!

Down south goes up

7 thoughts on “Down south goes up

  1. tabloid junkie as usual..

    but then atleast deep inside Bollywood knows it has areas of improvement and that regional cinema is the real mc coy ( relatively speaking ).

    I agree with what you say about the examples, but then this is exact tabloid crap of creating non existent “high horses” and quoting them as the gospel…

    If I look at it positively, I am happy to see that Illayaraja’s music has appealed to a diverse audience, I do consider him to be the king of melody.

    It’s also good to look at the technical supremacy assertion, these are things that one feels genuinely good about..

  2. Yeah…But, I dont even believe that they are stating out of realization. It is just one of those lame, i-want-to-fill-pages crap. Just that it happens to be a praise this time.

  3. I remember reading this article –
    its ridiculous, who (in South India) cares whether North India has started to notice South Indian stars or technicians or musicians.
    The article only shows lack of awareness among North Indians about anything related to South India. There was an article today about how there is a spurt in spending power of the until recently reticent South Indians. I mean, I am tired of hearing such things – non-spending, conservative,etc etc south indians. I mean, obviously the persons writing the articles just dont realize that we are prudent with respect to spending our money, we are not boorish, the list goes on and on.
    Give credit where it is worth !

  4. right Aruna, that’s the perspective that tabloids have built and now need to hold onto.

    In the real world, nobody give’s a monkey’s backside of what each region thinks of the other.


    I think it’s a realization, albeit a begrudging one and a genuine acknowledgment.

  5. Aruna, As I mentioned elsewhere in the recent past, I see this just as stupidity on part of the media. I don’t want to assume it as a “North Indian” way of thought.

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