Whenever Ron (and media) says “we give equality in aspects to both our drivers”, he is not believable going by how his team has operated in the last 15 years. Its just a lie! Williams (in the days when Ralf and Juan Pablo were driving for them) operated that way, in my opinion.


5 thoughts on “RonSpeak

  1. Anand, From what I read and hear from the media, Mc Laren are genuine about the fact that they dont want to project a single driver, but it’s just not a workable solution in F1.

    I’m guessing that with Williams, it looked like they pulled it off because Ralf or Montoya were not winning as much as these guys are..
    Again, i wasn’t following the sport much those days and I am just guessing based on what I understand of the game..

  2. ~A says:

    As I said, media says so. I don’t think it is genuine. They have operated that way ‘only’ when they have all the championship under their control. Otherwise I haven’t seen such a notion. This year, they have two drivers who aren’t manageable at all. Alain and Ayrton managed to match their wits on track till the very last race and took out each other on track when there were no more races to try. Fair and square. But Alonso and Hamilton – they are behaving like idiots – sadly, they aren’t idiots! Pressure has gotten to them – they aren’t steely enough as the Big As of those days.

    You can read interviews of Alain on how Ron danced to Ayrton’s tunes. Or read what David Coulthard was asked to do when Mika was around (it is not just DC’s views, it is well documented – same as what Ferrari asked Rubens to do for Michael in US GP). It is just that the most powerful F1 media lobby is English. And how Ron advertised his hiring of Juan Pablo with Kimi in the other car (we want the top most racers and we encourage racing between our drivers), when anyone having some knowledge about Juan and Kimi knows that Kimi is faster by a vast margin! Only when it comes to audacity (overtaking) Juan can possibly beat kimi and there is no other chance! And Media will again praise that ‘cos Ron is indeed encouraging racing even amongst his drivers – funny!

    About the “workable” part – It hasn’t worked at the top end. That much we know. Ron just uses this equality more, others accept what they do – he doesn’t. And the British media doesn’t have anyone (from England) but McLaren at the top end for now – they’ll just sing the same tune, again. And again.

  3. ~A says:

    Again, when I think more about it, what is ‘workable’?

    If F1 is seen as a business (as how the teams and the FIA sees it), then it is doing wonders. All are talking about it, more TV viewership (ofc, not for the racing reasons) etc. etc. So, hiring two peers and letting them race seems to be good for F1 overall!

    In racing terms, I don’t think it matters.

  4. well business is a factor that cant be ignored.., it’s always about finding a balance right ? between the accounts and the passion..

    my point is that i dont envisage any team can really handling two superstars in an unbiased manner or as the article says 2 of the 3 current best drivers espeially on a car that seems to be winning. Isn’t it sometimes a tangent against the team goals, like hamilton’s current deeds have suggested ?

    I can’t even see a theoritical possibility of any team pulling it off. (but that really isn’t much because as I say I am just turned ardent follower for the past 1.5 years)

    What Ron says may be gibberish, but i’m saying that Ron or anybody may not be cater for the situation….because the game and the stakes wouldn’t allow it.

    I’d be intrested if you think otherwise.

  5. yeah, i don’t know how a team can handle it. looks like it is very tough (that too when there is big difference in the pay check, which is almost always there).

    In pure racing terms, the flamboyant characters aren’t forthcoming nowadays 😦 With those guys (Mansell, Senna, Prost, Piquet etc.), inspite of huge personal fights, the show went fine.

    Wondering how it’d have been if Michael and Kimi were driving for Ferrari!

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