Manchester going down?

As I saw the first 70 or so minutes of play tonight, I was startled about the lack of cover for Wayne Rooney! Remember, Rooney is yet to be “consistent”. They won last year because everybody performed well, I doubt that’ll happen again. I don’t think Ronaldo is going to repeat last year’s performance.

They need a creative mid-fielder too – wish they had Ballack! Scholes is out of sorts and he isn’t looking sharp (I think he is on his way to retirement and isn’t going to perform any better this year).

I don’t believe United will be in the running for the crown this year.

Manchester going down?

14 thoughts on “Manchester going down?

  1. hasn’t the premiership just started ? Also, MU have sorted out the Carlos Tavez issue, he should be in as a replacement for Rooney the next match.., they look spoiled for riches..

  2. ~A says:

    yeah..Tavez is starting the next game (this Wednesday) though not “match-fit”. As I had written earlier, if Tavez and Rooney are the only forwards (may be Saha too, if he is fit for a change!), I don’t feel they can make it stick in the premiership.

    Neways, I am very confused (as I was 2 years back when they took Evra and Ronaldo on board) on what their plan is. Will have to wait and see. I remind myself that current transfer window is not closed and they have another transfer period turn during Dec-Jan.

    The good thing which I noticed so far: I was impressed with Carrick – if he can become their creative anchor (and not Scholes) and does it well consitently, then they might be able to make it. If Carrick isn’t creative enough, they are doomed – me thinks.

  3. Giggs, Tavez, Ronaldo and Rooney..

    that looks like the best of attacking strength to me..

    they have Rio and evra at the back and Carrick in midfield..

    Now with Rooney out which I believe is good, Nani should be a regular… I am willing to back my hunch that he is as good a dribbler even though he’s just starting off..

    Van der sar looked outstanding in last week’s match against Chelsea which Man u won on pelalties..

    It does look good to me.., Chelsea and Liverpool are considered their closest contenders aren’t they ? Chelsea is without Terry and more importantly Drogba.

    Though Gerrard is looking very good for Liverpool.

    I don’t think Scholes is in the regular scheme of things..Carrick is,

    either ways Man U look extremely strong to me!

  4. ~A says:

    nah man…Giggs will not play 50% of the matches – he is too old for that. Also, efficiency is diminishing for the same reason. So, Nani has to play. More on him below.

    Tavez – works off the deep, like Rooney..a mid-fielder/forward types. There isn’t any reliable forward – but that’s what they have opted to do by selling Ruud Van.

    Nani – will take time. Any dribbling types will not sell in EPL straightaway. He needs to develop huge upper body strength – will take some time (just look at pics of Ronaldo 3 years back and how he looks last year onwards) that matters in English way of playing football.

    Van Der Sar is for penalties (=experience demanding situations). Not for games anymore. I am betting on this being his last year. I think Kuszack will come in handy – he is damn good. GKing is not the issue for them.

    If Rio or (more importantly) Vidic goes off – they are in for trouble – and have to rely on new faces or make shift defenders (Evra can defend the left to a decent degree, but opposition will dance around him in the central!) Silvestre or Wes Brown. Both are OK in the sides but not good enough in the central defense.

    Scholes – one BBC pundit says “scholes will decide the fortunes of manU this year”. I agree. Either Scholes does it or Carrick improves to Scholes’ usual level – will make or break the team. Somebody should perform Scholes’ act for them to win big. That’s the back bone of Manchester United for many years now. I am not very sure about Carrick being at the level yet – he looked very sharp though.

    I feel, they have all the things in place to play flamboyant football. But, I don’t feel they’ll win the league.

    Going to Chelsea – chelsea has enough defensive cover(=enough central defenders). They’ll manage. Also, Drogba is already playing. Will be in full fitness by next game. They have AMAZING MIDFIELD players and SOLID DEFENSIVE players. They don’t have great forwards (Drogba repeating last years’ performance is a tough ask). But they can win as there are multiple goal scorers in their team (like ManU last year) with solid defense.

    Liverpool – Torres is good. But, I don’t think they are good enough to play decent football. So, not watching them regularly. Gerrard – he is inconsistent (though better than many). He can’t win all the games on individual efforts. They might win the league, but I wouldn’t care to follow their current team.

    Arsenal – greatly exciting. But very fragile. One or two injuries can put them completely off 😦 But worth watching.

  5. from what I see, the premiership puts more premium on defense than attacking flamboyance, which could explain why major teams have opted for less strikers and gone for midfield-forwards.

    This could also explain why other leagues are considered more entertaining by some..

    I don’t like Mourinho’s attitude to be frank and therefore do not like their team….
    Chelsea is widely regarded as the genuinely ( not hyped ) best team here in the premiership..among regular followers of the game.

    Drogba, I heard is not fuly fit and also many feel that Terry’s absence will be felt strongly.

    I agree that Nani will take time if media pressure doesn’t get to him first. Alex rightly held back both Anderson and Nani for main games so that they work towards getting the exposure.

    I am merely excited by watching this kid for a couple of games.., he seems to be a live wire…

    my point however is that they seem to have a better team than last year when they did win…

  6. ~A says:

    >>>my point however is that they seem to have a better team than last year when they did win…

    they did…because almost all in their squad played at unbelievable level…tough to replicate. I wish they do it again. Scholes again was the backbone.

    I like chelsea though – they ‘can’ play very creatively if they decide to. very very strong squad.

    Arsenal is the best to watch.

    I wish these teams play beautiful soccer when they play each other…but they dont. One team that does it irrespective of the opponent is Barcelona, for the last couple of years.

    >>>from what I see, the premiership puts more premium on defense than attacking flamboyance, which could explain why major teams have opted for less strikers and gone for midfield-forwards.

    I don’t agree with this. From what I have seen (taking only the last two years into consideration), not many teams in Europe played more open game than ManU or Arsenal or Chelsea when it came to Champions Trophy (2 of them reached semis…totally 3 teams reached from England…the other one being Liverpool which went on to the finals). May be Barcelona and WerderB played a consistent open game…beyond these two, who else?

    As a league, EPL is more open than Italian or German or Spanish (yeah, leaving Barca and Seville out). The other leagues (French/Portugese/Dutch etc) aren’t as competitive. I don’t get to watch them either (but for Champs league matches).

    If you take English league, there are good amount of teams which play open foot ball. ManU, Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham, Reading (last year) they hv played like this to a decent degree of consistency. The English style is also good – super fast. So, almost all games are at fervent pace! I like English league better than German, Spanish (or Italian…but I am leaving them here as they were in screwed up state due to scandals last year). They score more goals than other leagues (if we take the top 5 teams average) consistently as far as I hv observed.

  7. hmm, maybe you’re right.., I have to watch the other leagues more to make my own decision…

    I hear off the cuff remarks about the Bundesliga and Spanish league’s being more attractive and I just attempted some deductive logic around it which I admit could be wrong and shortsighted…

    But I have been watching the EPL league matches and I haven’t seen anything qualify to be what you call “open matches” as yet.., hopefully things will get better..

  8. ~A says:

    I am not saying they are the most open matches. They are just more open (=less defensive minded in my definition) than german or italian…spanish would run close – but they generally are 2 team league…rarely a third team comes up.

  9. yeah, Sunderland and now Everton.. what’s funny is that quite a few of the Spurs team are up for selection in the national team.., How’d ya figure that ?

  10. ~A says:

    not sure about spurs’ players in national side (Ledley King and Jenas may be??)…english side is weak (based on their performance) anyways…very hyped up side on paper though!

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