No Smoking

Having seen this, I believe this movie has nothing to do with ‘smoking’! This is how I understood the movie (a better handle on Hindi would have been of immense help…Will wait for DVD release!)….

Anuragh is trying to capture how one’s nature diminishes (and eventually dies) because of the demands put by various societal elements like family, friends, morals etc. The non-linear/noir/surreal screenplay used to convey the plot doesn’t seem to be necessary, IMO. It isn’t hurting though, it just makes it very difficult to follow! There were references to Kafka, Schindler et al..they kinda made sense to me.

Vishal Bharadwaj and the cinematographer (don’t know who) have done a splendid job. So has done Paresh Rawal (I’d like to see Om Puri in that role!!). JohnA wasn’t bad either – this was the biggest surprise when I saw the movie.

Thats all I could think about the movie. I have to see it again, with sub-titles, to grasp more of it.

No Smoking

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