Reactions about the-man-who-married-a-dog

By Ian Holloway

Man in India marries bitch in an attempt to lift ‘curse’ after he stoned two dogs to death. His ‘bride’ wore a sari and a flower garland and was given a bun to celebrate.

Are you winding me up? Holy Mackerel! What can I say – that’s a wuff day with a difference, that is! Every dog has his day and today is wuff day. That just beggars belief, that.

Well I hope she was good looking. Did she look all right with that sari on? Good gracious, I’ve never heard anything like it.

The dog who got married

That bloke must be barking

And why did he stone those dogs to death? How dare he? That’s cruelty to animals and now it’s double cruelty because he’s gone and married one.

Did the dog know anything about this? And when they said ‘I do’, did she bark it out or what? I can’t get over it – he should be locked up.

And there’s me thinking I’d seen it all on Jerry Springer when a bloke walked on and married this little horse.

But this takes the biscuit – after stoning poor two dogs, he’s allowed to marry another one. Very strange.

Reactions about the-man-who-married-a-dog

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