Work-life balance (WLB)

I’ve always felt it is a HR gimmick..They need to digest their pay check, so they have to yap some bull shit – WLB is one of those. Otherwise, how would HR approve the following work routine?

  • Wake up at around 6.15 AM…
  • Be at bus station by 7.00-7.15 AM (mind you, that’s the only time ‘the transport’ is available)
  • Reach work place by 8.45-9.00 AM…yeah, my city sleeps till 9.00 AM at the minimum, so don’t think about eating something till 9.00 AM.
  • Wait for others to come to conduct any meaningful/dumb discussion (others stay farther than me, so they’ll check in by 9.45-10.00AM)
  • Finish reading whatever you read (remember, ‘newspaper time’ in the morning doesn’t exist anymore).
  • Or write blog posts
  • Or sit in dumb meetings without opening your mouth
  • Or conceive grand plans to save the world (yes, the ‘team’ is the world for us!)
  • Go to lunch – and yes, wait in the longish queue or choose to eat shit to avoid it (not that the food you get by standing in the queue is great, but it is a ‘meal’ at the least)
  • Do some more – write more blog posts or read someone else’s posts – RSS is there to make it easier and more addictive
  • Have some snacks in the middle if possible
  • Ah yes, cut cakes for doing what you are supposed to do (irrespective of whether it is done well or not)
  • Last but not the least, sing “happy birthday” to tom dick and harry
  • Smoke all the time
  • And lo, it is 4.00-4.30PM already! And so, pack your bags while reminding yourself the amount of work to be done within that day. Leave the office premise, with a good feeling that you are moving away from a low quality construction
  • Reach home after an hour’s time (minimum)
  • Logon from there, try to do as much as you can
  • Feel tired and realize that life is fucking futile.
  • Go to bed by 1.30-2.00AM
  • Wake up at around 6.00 AM
  • wait! I have covered that already!!!
  • (Alternatively, you can move your life to some corner of the city and stay away from the things you like.)

This hurts when you are trying to hire someone for your organization and yak crap about us providing flexible work culture! After you finish, you wonder how the HR girl will be boasting about the fantastic Work-Life Balance that the organization will offer. Irony.

Work-life balance (WLB)

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