EPL – Sunday the 16th

The big four are at it this weekend. As usual, everyone who cares to follow English Football is hyping this as a “title decider”. I beg to differ. I do understand the rationale behind the media frenzy and I have no problems with it. But, I don’t agree that it is going to decide the title – no way! It can contribute to 3 points to the teams and good load of self confidence, that’s about it.

The season hasn’t crossed the half-way mark and hence there is a long way to go. Much will depend on how the teams fare in Christmas-New Year games and not just tomorrow’s games. This period (Xmas to NYear) is known to throw surprises and whoever gains maximum during this period has a good chance of getting the title.

Here are my predictions (from my heart – which belongs to the red devils)

Liverpool – Manchester United: 1-2

Arsenal – Chelsea: 1-1

Update – 1: I am betting on Patrice Evra providing the cross for a manchester united goal

EPL – Sunday the 16th

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