Few tables away

It was a guys day out.

We had made a pact not to talk about anything related to fairer sex – yes, that forbade talking about respective wives as well. And, I found our discussion to be amusing and eventually boring. Curiously, nobody talked about their kids! I wondered whether the wife-talk and my-kid-is-sooooo-clever-talk had any connections. I still do.

That’s when I noticed them. They were sitting three tables away from me and two tables away from each other. She looked as if she was going to have a lasagna and glass of red wine and he a cigarette that was too lean for a guy. I guessed he was drinking an imported Scotch.

She was sitting alone and immersed in thoughts about something or possibly about someone two tables away. He was in a group, probably his wife was also there, but so disconnected from his group and looking in her direction. They both seemed to be in some kind of intellectual tranquility. He was more direct than her in observing her. I wonder whether he even knew that she was observing him! It wasn’t the usual “exchaging looks”, it was far deeper. She seemed to want him to be puzzled and he was. I felt the peace that they seemed to share. Without their knowledge, of course.

She left without eating anything, but did finish the red wine. He did the same after her, with his wife. I felt tragic and that feeling lingers.


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Few tables away

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