Bye Bye, Kimi

As Melanie has rightly put, I am saddened by Kimi’s departure from F1 (albeit being temporary as of now). Needless to say Kimi is one of 3/4 best men on earth to monster a car. What he, Alonso, Hamilton, Vettel (and at times Kubica) do on a car, even though watched via television, is magical. Kimi “drives” period.

Of all these folks, Kimi is natural when it comes to PR. He doesn’t think one second about what he says will be nice enough for the audience, he just says what he has to say. That’s a quality that you don’t find in most of these drivers. His integrity and class be it when moving out of  McLaren and later after having been forced out of Ferrari says loads about him. He is naturally classy and straight forward. He’d have never indulged in discussing Ferrari design documents when working for McLaren (unlike Alonso and Hamilton). Neither he’d have lied to stewards (unlike Hamilton who was penalized for the same). He is a rare breed of unadulterated men who drive dangerously fast.

Bye Bye, Kimi

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