Was that racing? Surely?

sequence of events:
– McLaren 1-2. Hamilton leading Button.
– Hamilton’s race engineer says ‘Save fuel. The other car is doing the same’. This practically means ‘you guys are not racing each other’. Note that, such orders are not allowed according to F1 regulations.
– The above message got picked up by the live telecast (This is done randomly, I believe)
– McLaren realises that they might be penalized.
– Suddenly, Button goes faster, at a point close to .45 sec per lap, than Hamilton. Eventually passes him.
– Duly gives the position back to Hamilton by taking a racing line which not what a world champion would take.
– Hamilton pulls away.
– Race ends.

Is is just me who suspects this whole episode is staged by McLaren? I wish I can analyze telemetry data and conversations over the radio. At least, the stewards should see it and tell millions of fans what went on.

Was that racing? Surely?

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