Does Google get paid for this?

I search in Google Search for Pizza Hut, say. What I get back is:

Google Search Results Sample
Google Search Results Sample

I consider first and second results (pointed to by arrows) as identical. I want to know whether Google get paid if I click on the first one. I don’t want it to get paid and so I have been taking pains to click the second one. But it is a nuisance that I would be happy to avoid.

I am willing to click on the first result as long as Google doesn’t get paid for it. How to find out?

Note: This post isn’t indicative of anything against Google. I just don’t like advertisements (read ‘marketing’)!

Does Google get paid for this?

7 thoughts on “Does Google get paid for this?

  1. RR says:

    Pizzahut should consider that. Google does not and should not care. If Pizzahut realises that page rank is yielding proper results it need not bid so much. Then again it might be loosing its top slot to some competitor.

    1. That’s not right. Pizzahut is bidding itself up with google to showcase itself in circumstances where it isn’t directly being looked for (e.g. searching for “pizza chains in xxxx”). Pizzahut isn’t paying google to showcase itself when someone is directly looking for Pizzahut!! That’s google’s basic service!

    1. Whatever a company may pay Google for, Google claims to provide facility to search for information. If their normal search algorithm returns a result, I don’t expect them them to showcase an advert which points to the same result right above the normal result! They aren’t doing anything useful here – they shouldn’t be showing this advert when it matches with the top regular results!

      You are explaining how it functions and I agree. I just don’t like the way it functions. If you are also implying that Google cannot avoid this, I don’t agree.

      1. RR says:

        Not a very compelling reason why google should avoid thus.. It still provides its basic search for information.. After all, there service is not ‘free’

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