Whiteness and the rest of it

Tal Fortgang tries to say why he’ll never apologize for his white male privilege. Some opinions on his piece:

  • While saying why his whiteness isn’t really a privilege, his argument goes something like “My father and grandfather suffered. Therefore, I can’t be privileged, can i?”. Individual suffering has little to do with racial and systemic social/institutional biases. He seems to argue the opposite.
  • He says he isn’t privileged because his granddad suffered under and escaped from Hitler, moved to a new country and made a life for himself. Does he then agree that those who happened to be the victors of WW2 (say white Americans of those times) are privileged? Or that they suffered from something else?
  • He doesn’t say anything of the ‘male’ part. Even references about his parents’ and grandparents’ sufferings are mostly, if not only, about his father and his grandfather. Does he have nothing to say on this despite the title?

His view might well be right in certain contexts, but his arguments don’t suggest so.

For more fun cartoons/comments, follow #talfortgang.

Whiteness and the rest of it

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