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Predictable Gentlemen and Burqa

They look. Sometimes they talk, else they balk. If I look OK, it suddenly dawns on them that they can regurgitate their thoughts about Indian politics or poverty with me when we happen to sit next to each other on a long rail journey. When I walk on the road, they see – not me, but mine.

(Almost) all men are same. They lech. There is just one driving force behind all of their actions – Sex.

Why should I not feel great about my decision to wear burqa – two sizes too big? This is the most liberating I have felt in ages.

Predictable Gentlemen and Burqa


I asked him who he was. And he replied that he:

  • lives in a 5 bed room villa in Bangalore
  • drives a jaguar land rover
  • wears Louis Vuitton jackets
  • uses Rolex
  • prefers Hugo Boss or Chanel deodorant
  • And, wears Tag Heuer sunglasses

And I said, “adiós”.