Rapes in India – sad statistics

  • A woman/girl is raped every 21 minutes in India
  • That is assuming it happens round the clock (i.e. 24×7)
  • This only includes reported instances of (and not projected unreported instances)
    • It is quite possible that only a fraction of rapes get reported
  • This does not include gay rapes!

In general, the statistics on the crimes against women (the ones that are mostly done against women only according to Indian Penal Code) as published by National Crime Record Bureau, Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India (click on the images to see bigger version). Note: This data does not include other types of crimes committed where the victims happened to be women/girls.

Crime against Women (Data) India, 2007-2011

As seen below, crime rates against women in most of the categories are increasing!

Crime against Women (Graph) India, 2007-2011 (click to see enlarged view)

Rapes in India – sad statistics